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Connecting Private Investors with Owners of Marine Companies

Opportunities for direct investment into quality businesses can be rare and are often hard to find. Identifying sector specific targets such as in Marine can be even more of a challenge.

We specialise in assisting owners of small and medium sized marine companies to sell their businesses. But equally First Peninsula Marine seeks to connect companies seeking funding with private investors searching for suitable opportunities. By applying to feature on our investment register we can help business owners secure equity finance from qualified individuals who may also have the contacts, skills and expertise to add further value to a business often on route towards a defined exit plan.

The registration process is simple…

Investors should complete the investor application form, a one-off registration fee is payable. We contact all investors in strict confidence in order to understand an applicant’s requirement in terms of the likely investment opportunity they would wish to be engaged with, together with details of any specific skills or additional expertise that they can bring to marine companies.

As an investor member, you will be registering your interests in a community with shared business interests. We get to know investors personally and assist in their search for opportunities. Remaining on our register passively is one option, receiving details of new opportunities as they come in. Alternatively proactive and targeted support can be provided via formal instruction under First Peninsula Marine’s Bespoke Search Service.

Companies seeking investment should contact First Peninsula Marine for a confidential conversation to discuss plans, options and investment readiness. Principals should then complete and submit the application form, a one-off registration fee is payable.

If you are seeking investment or looking to invest, please get in touch we would be delighted to hear from you.

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